Fair & sustainable produced sneakers with good karma.

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Fair, sustainable and
with good karma.

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Demand-oriented production - we are producing the exactly quantities that you order. No expensive warehousing costs and no surplus of products that call for deploying manipulative advertising.

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Transparent value chain - from cotton cultivation in India through the extraction process of rubber in Sri Lanka to the assembling process in Pakistan - we’re trying our best to oversee each step in our value chain.

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Karma Deal

Karma Deal for 5 € addresses people unable to purchase a shoe for 69 €. We are supporting solidarity by offering a limited special edition shoe for double the price of a normal shoe, 138 €.

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We are not a shoe retailer. Everyone produces his or her own pair of shoes. We are PROSUMERS!

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No Exploitation

NO Child labor, labor exploitation and bad plastics.
It’s Karma, Baby!


Give & Take

We are a needs-oriented production.

We are only selling within a crowdfunding campaign.

We want everyone to have this shoe, that’s why we offering the Karma Deal for 5 €.

We are constantly improving the transparency of our value chain.

We are all prosuming this shoe together. We are prosumers.

We are not conventional shoe retailers.

We care very much for our environment and environmentally friendly production methods.

We just want to spread good karma into the world!

We want to set a deep, green footprint and increase awareness of the consequences of consumption.

We want not only to take but to give.

Karma Spot

Behind the scenes

„As the „Karma Chakhs 2“ crowducer I am convinced that we need to think about conscious consumption. We use our high-quality advertisement spot as a manipulative instrument to foster awareness and not to stimulate consumption. This production journey has been an unbelievable experience with all these terrific and wonderful volunteers. Let‘s karma the world and please help us spread this spot into the world!“

Shai Hoffmann
Shai Hoffmann Producer of the spot

"Can anyone make the world a better place? It’s probably naive, but I would say yes! It’s time to question a system that depends on growth, and start to look for alternatives before it collapses.
We all want to make a statement with this project: Every step we take leaves a footprint in our world, and we should be aware of the consequences."

Christian Fischer
Christian Fischer Director of the spot